Impact of different engines


It is less expensive to purchase a petrol car than a diesel car and they last longer. The price at the pump is still slightly superior to that of diesel, but this fuel shall undergo a tax readjustment to be aligned with the price of diesel before 2020.


It is more expensive to purchase a diesel car but they consume less, in particular on long distances. They emit from 12 to 25% CO2 less into the atmosphere than petrol cars. Their complex mechanics require regular and more expensive maintenance than petrol engines. Diesel cars are suitable for all types of driving and have better autonomy.


Buying an electric car remains expensive but taxation and the environmental bonus help reduce the cost price. Electric cars are very conducive to sustainable development, as they do not emit any CO2.
Electric cars will not have any problem accessing limited traffic areas.


It is a good compromise between petrol and electric cars, despite a high cost price. Be careful, however, to distinguish non-rechargeable and rechargeable hybrid cars. Rechargeable ones are better endowed tax wises, in particular regarding the environmental bonus.

There are no autonomy problems with hybrids as the two types of engines work together.

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